Ten Tips to Power Up Your Presence

Learn ten tips for how to power up your personal presence in the workplace and increase your awareness of the image you project.
Are you projecting your best self at work?

As anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of communication knows, our …

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Women are “Bossy” and Men are “Decisive”

What Gender Stereotypes Really Mean in the Workplace and How to Overcome Them

Susan Fleming is a senior lecturer at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, specializing in entrepreneurship and women in leadership. She’s a veteran of Wall Street and no …

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Leadership Communication – Power Up Your Presence

Professional presence is a combination of how you look, act and speak. Presence helps others around us quickly decide whether they want to work with us or trust us with greater responsibility. Many people are unaware of behaviors they exhibit …

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Maximize Your Web Presence with LinkedIn

A thoughtfully managed, carefully crafted Web presence is no longer optional for professional people. It is not merely helpful to have a positive Web reputation; today, most professions and industries expect you to have one. Remember that your Web reputation …

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Free Course: Craft Your Professional Brand

Employers and project funders expect professionals to be able to articulate their value quickly and in a compelling way. Craft your professional brand story and practice delivering it for maximum effect with a new free course from Cornell University, Career Planning: Craft …

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How to Reach Your Professional Tipping Point

Why are certificates on the rise, and degrees in decline?

The proliferation of professional certificate programs is easily explained: As compared to postsecondary degree programs, online certificate programs are more cost-effective, convenient, and take less time to complete. A certificate program …

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