Top 5 Things Marketers Need to Know about Big Data

It’s no secret that big data has revolutionized the world of marketing. With the benefits of data science, marketers can now target campaigns toward individual consumers with more accuracy. Because of big data’s power, all marketers need to understand and utilize it to the fullest. Below are five things that every marketer needs to know about big data.

1. Big data must meet three criteria.

“Big data” is a large amount of data that covers a variety of consumer characteristics and is available in real time.

2. Data science skills are in high demand.

Data science skills are one of the most attractive credentials a marketer can present. In fact, according to the State of Business Intelligence Survey recently released by Teradata, the demand and interest in careers in this field have grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years.

However, getting a job in data science requires more than just a degree. You must also be able to demonstrate your familiarity with big data, and you must be able to leverage it effectively on the job. Businesses are not interested in every candidate who can define big data – they want employees who can put it to work.

3. Businesses need data marketers, not just data scientists.

eMarketer reports that 75 percent of marketers view big data as an opportunity for successful marketing, but only 15 percent claim to be ready to take advantage of it. Part of the reason for this gap lies in the inability of many data scientists to leverage data in the marketing world. While data scientists with technical skills are clearly an asset to any company, big data also opens the door for “data marketers” who understand the principles of both marketing and data science.

4. Marketers need to utilize big data marketing tools.

Plenty of tools now exist to help marketers leverage big data. Using the tools in conjunction with one another will provide the most benefit. Four types of tools that you should familiarize yourself with are automation and adaptive learning tools, data driven automation tools, predictive analytics tools and standard data analytics tools.

5. Automation isn’t everything.

Even though you must know how to use big data marketing tools, you should not rely on these tools alone to leverage big data. Effective data marketing also requires experience and skill. To get the most out of big data, you must be able to create a strategy that involves both automated tools and human analysis.