Tandberg, Cisco and Lecture Capture

The October 1 announcement of Cisco’s offer of $3 billion to buy the video conferencing company Tandberg could potentially have significant implications in the lecture capture market. …

Lecture and presentation capture will be as important in the higher education space as video conferencing is in the enterprise (and increasingly small business) sectors. Tools, platforms and services to easily record campus activity – whether this activity is a regular lecture, an invited speaker, or a voice-over recording made from a professors desk – are poised to become ubiquitous on campus. Students will expect the ability to time shift their learning. Faculty will come to understand that recorded presentations offer the potential to free class time for discussion and debate, as students escape the pressure of having to take exhaustive notes during the lecture. Parents will look for schools that record lectures as an aid to their child’s learning, as students with diverse learning style can take advantage of recorded classes to review materials at their own pace.

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