Online Learning a Time Saver


My name is Mary Allen and I am an enrollment Counselor with eCornell.  I am often asked how much time does it take to complete a Cornell University Certificate online.  Most courses are 2 or 4 weeks in length and your average weekly time commitment is around 3-6 hours per week.  Very Manageable.  I have earned 3 certificates from Cornell University online.  I gave up TV in the evenings  (Okay I did not give up my Thursday Night TV)  🙂  and I also did the courses on the weekends.  Some students are even allowed to do the courses at work.  How cool is that?   Depending on the number of courses in a certificate program you can earn a certificate in just a few months time.

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Christopher Wofford is Digital Media Producer and host of WebSeries at eCornell.
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