How does an eCornell course work?

We get asked quite often to describe how an online course works….

Each course has a set start date and end date but when you complete the course work in between those two dates is entirely up to the you.  There is an instructor who leads the course but that person does so through email and discussion boards.  You do not have to be logged on at any particular time. At times, instructors will have online office hours for chats, but these are not a requirement of passing the course.

We do suggest that you budget 3-5 hours per week for your studies.  It can be a half hour a day or a couple hours each day on the weekend.  The course is available to you 24/7.  There is collaboration with other students and this is done on various discussion boards throughout the course.  The instructor will post a question on the discussion boards and all students must post a response at some point during the course.

The beauty of an online eCornell course is flexibility. This flexibility works well for today’s busy working professional.  A student does need to complete the course work within the start and end dates of the course, but when they complete the requirements is up to their discretion and schedule.