Feedback From Project Leadership Students

Cornell University’s Project Leadership Certificate launched in the late fall of 2008.  Here’s some feedback from a few of the students who have taken courses in this certificate.

“One of the best Courses I have ever taken. Opened my eyes to ideas, myself and my-co-workers I have never considered. Will be a huge benefit to me and my company.”

“Very interesting course.  I always focus on the functional requirements of tasks and the assignment of people to those tasks.  This course will help me look at cultural and learning style differences as well.  Each module is more rewarding than the last.  I believe that, thus far, the course has been presented in the best way to help me improve my leadership skills.  I look at the course, not just from a traditional project” standpoint, but also from an everyday magagement standpoint.  Employee development, building an ethical and profitable culture, and other everyday management challenges, are all projects, in a sense. ”

“Great insights and course material.  I love the continued focus of this overall certificate program on leadership rather than management.  Well done!”

“Great course. Expertly designed. Class material was invaluable.Systematic and easy for the participants to go to one chapter to another easily.  Graphics, work-flow illustrated in the course makes the course content more interesting.”

“Good exposure to models and techniques.  As from now on after having been introduced with the tools and techniques necessary to spearhead my next project and bring it on time, on budget and at performance levels that will add directly to my company’s bottom line.  I must say that even though I work a full time job and do night get home to study until 930 pm Italian time, the division of information and the use of real world examples has help me fit this into my already tight life schedule.  Real life experiences work well, especially since they help to reduce my doubt that cannot be aided by asking a direct question in person.”

“Beautiful content, eye-opening and I particularly enjoy the practical nature. It captures a lot of work place realities.  I practice most of what has been taught but I gathered more details and a reason behind it.”

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