Cornell is big on entrepreneurship

Cornell has one of the strongest university-wide programs on entrepreneurship in the country.  The program “fosters the entrepreneurial spirit in every Cornell participant – in every college, every field, and every stage of life.”

The Cornell Chronicle recently published a great summary of recent activity by Cornell students who start businesses while still in school.

Entrepreneurship@Cornell is the organizing focal point for all of Cornell’s activities.

Typically, an economic downturn leads to a boost in new ventures and entrepreneurial activity because (1) people seek new opportunities after a layoff or in lieu of working for company in trouble, and (2) because the economic downturn often creates openings to new products, services, and “disruptive” technologies.  With many well-established companies in a more conservative position, strong upstarts can often find market share.

Christopher Wofford is Digital Media Producer and host of WebSeries at eCornell.
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