Hotel Marketing Summit 2015

Three of the hotel industry’s most creative and forward-thinking marketers joined eCornell for a live YouTube summit on hotel marketing in February, 2015. Access the video below.

ReviewPro’s Josiah Mackenzie, HeBS Digital’s Mariana Mechoso Safer, and hospitality marketing consultant and HSMAI …

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Applying the Dual-System Approach to Executive Education

For decades, European and Asian countries have embraced the dual-education system for professional development. The concept is built upon a “learn-on-the-job” model, where training is highly targeted, timely, and designed to align individual competencies with broader company goals.

While education costs …

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Applying Business Intelligence in Demand Generation

More than 50% of B2B marketers cannot accurately measure the ROI of their marketing efforts. In order to accurately measure the impact of their demand-generation programs, marketers must take a more holistic and strategic approach to demand generation.

Data is often …

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Introducing the Sales Growth Certificate

In our ever-evolving marketplace, it’s easy for sales teams to be overlooked. But the fact of the matter is, your organization’s sales team is crucial to the organization’s overall health and success. Sales team members must have up-to-date skills and …

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Proactive Customer Experience: A High-Profit Strategy

With so much customer data and powerful technology at our fingertips, we have the opportunity to delight and dazzle customers like never before. But obsessing over the client experience isn’t just an exercise in integrity; it’s a proven strategy for …

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HR Technology In the Era of Drones, Robots, and Infinite Data delivery drones, robotic co-workers, Google’s self-driving cars… How will these new technologies impact workforce and HR functions over the next few years?

Recently, we’ve seen quick adoption of mobile technologies, real-time performance analytics, and automated recruitment/retention platforms that we couldn’t …

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