Best Sessions at Dreamforce 2013

With well over 100,000 people in attendance at DreamForce, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and/or bustle. Even more difficult is to keep your focus on why you came here in the first place – to learn new ways to drive business growth and efficiency.

The eCornell team has one goal during our time at DreamForce – to tune out all of the DF13 noise and focus in on the best information for business leaders and decision makers.

DF13 Sessions To Watch For

We’ll be posting throughout the conference from a selection of sessions we’ve identified as key for

  • business growth;
  • sharpening leadership skills;
  • inspiring your workforce, and;
  • leveraging that entrepreneurial edge, no matter how established your organization.

Marc, Marissa and Deepak will have some great insight to impart, for sure. But the hundreds of sessions spread across San Francisco that comprise each day of DreamForce 2013 are where the real gems are found.

Armies of experts and innovators are presenting invaluable knowledge for the duration of the 4-day conference. The trick is sorting through the glut of sessions for the messages that really hit home for the decision-making crowd.

That’s where eCornell will help. Consider us your guide for the executive crowd for DreamForce 2013

From keynotes to key themes, we will write and report with your business growth in mind.

Andrew Hickey
Director Of Digital Marketing at eCornell
Andrew is an experienced digital marketer, former journalist, copywriter and editor.
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