“Advanced” is the key word in Hospitality Revenue Management.

This isn’t your mother’s Revenue Management program, that’s for sure.

What does eCornell’s new certificate program Advanced Revenue Management: Pricing & Demand Strategies have that other programs don’t?

  1. For starters, this certificate program was developed with one of the world’s leading authorities on Revenue Management, Dr. Chris Anderson from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. He advises leaders at world-renowned hotels, airlines, rental car and tour companies, in addition to consumer goods and financial services firms on how to update, fine-tune and execute their revenue management strategies.
  1. In 2012, knowing how to manage revenue is simply not enough. Since Revenue Management broke into the mainstream years ago, strategies for pricing, inventory and demand manipulation need to be kept current. Knowing the fundamentals will only get you so far in this game. This new program shares advanced pricing and demand strategies.
  1. With the proliferation of mobile technologies, consumer behaviors and purchasing patterns change rapidly from one day to the next. Hospitality 2.0 comes with a whole new set of rules for driving profits and steady growth. And that begins with high-level strategies that more accurately anticipate consumer behaviors.
  1. This is essentially the only advanced Revenue Management program of its kind. If you’re a general manager, revenue and finance manager, operations manager, or a sales or marketing professional with over 3 years of experience working on the financial performance of your organization, this program is most certainly for you.

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